NAVY GROG-3 Rums~House Falernum~Pineapple~Lime~Bitters        Nutmeg~Cracked Ice-$13
BYRRH BENTLEY-Bonded Apple Brandy, Byrrh, Bitters-$12
PUMPKIN SPICE MULE-Vodka~Lime-Pumpkin~Ginger Beer-$13
MEZCAL OLD FASHIONED-Mezcal~Charred Serrano~Agave            Hellfire Bitters-$12
ADMIRAL SCHLEY’S PUNCH-Bourbon~Navy Strength Rum~Citrus    Muddled Mint~Chinese Five Spice-$13
“GRCC” COLLINS-Vodka~Elderflower~Lemon, Cucumber-$13
COCKTAIL LA LOUISIANE-Rye~Sweet Vermouth~Benedictine            Absinthe~Peychaud’S Bitters-$13
GIN SALTY DOG-Gin~Grapefruit~Lavender Bitters~Salt-$12
JUST A DAMN GOOD OLD FASHIONED-Bonded Bourbon~Simple     Syrup~Bitters~Twists~Hand Cut Ice-$12
GIBSON MARTINI-Gin~Dry Vermouth~Brine~Pink Peppercorn        Bitters~Pickled Pearl Onions-$13
SANGRE DE CHRISTO-Cachaca,Monk’s Secret Elixer, Malbec        Wine, Honey & Star Anise-$12    
TEQUILA CRUSTA-Tequila~Orange Liquor~Maraschino~    Citrus Pomegranate Sugar Rim~Long Twist-$13

                                               LOW ABV
APERITIVO SELECT SPRITZ-Aperitivo Select-Prosecco~Soda            Orange~Green Olive-$12
SLOE GIN PRESS-Sloe Gin,Lemon,Simple Syrup with equal        parts of Ginger Ale and Soda-$12
MICHELADA-Our Spicy Bloody Mary Mix~Beer~Serrano            with a splash of Mezcal-$13


                                          THE NEW FRONTIER

SMOKE OVER BROOKLYN-Mezcal~Dark Chocolate~Cinnamon        Bitters~Shaved Salt~Charred Cinnamon Stick-$13

THE AU PAIR-Pear Liquor~Cognac~Pear Puree~Prosecco-$13

RED HEADED STEPCHILD-Vodka~Cranberry~Maple Syrup    Peychaud’s & Pink-Peppercorn Bitters~Lemon-$13

PUMPERNICKEL BAGEL MARGARITA-Tequila~Aquavit~Grapefruit  Lime~Agave~Pumpernickel Salt-$12

TRUFFLE MARTINI-Black Truffle “Fat Washed” Vodka~Dry     Vermouth~Flamed Rosemary-$12

PALLBEARER-Rye~Bonded Apple Brandy~Green Chartreuse~     Elderflower~Bitters-$13

SPIKED CHICHA-MORADA-Tequila~Peruvian Purple Corn~           Apples~Pineapple~Lime~Chili Salt-$13

GINGER SNAP GIN & TONIC-Gin~Ginger Liquor, Biscotti          Liquor~Lemon~Tonic-$12

NAVY PUNK-Navy Strength Rum~Navy Strength Gin~Branca     Menta,Blue Curacao~Coconut & Lime-$13

SUPER DRUNK UNCLE-Scotch,Drambuie,Combier Elixer,            Citrus, Splash of IPA Beer-$12

MENAGE A TROIS-Rye~Amaro~Banana Liquor~Bitter            Lemon Soda-$13

BLACK WALNUT OLD FASHIONED-Bourbon, Walnut Liquor, Orange Bitters-$12

                                  HOUSE SPECIAL:

LAST DANCE WITH MARY JANE-Hemp CBD Oil Infused Mezcal, Muddled Sage & Mint, Singani 63, Elderflower, Celery Bitters with a Herb “Bud”-$14

                                                                 GRCC JARS

Housemade Tzatziki- served with Celery, Cucumber & Carrot $10

Taramasalata- Salt Cured Carp Roe Whipped with Potatoes, Olive Oil and Lemon, served with Greek Olives and Crackers $11

Long Island Duck Rillettes- Duck Confit with Mustard &Cornichons $12


Albarino-Spain-$11                                                          Malbec-Argentina-$10                

Chardonnay Macon-Village-France-$11                            Cotes du Rhone-France-$11

Gruner Veltliner-Austria-$10                                            Pinot Noir-France-$11

Cotes de Provence (Rose) -France-$11                             Bordeaux-France-$12     


Kronenbourg-1664-Lager-France-$7 (Draft)

Greenport Harbor-IPA-Long Island NY-$8 (Draft)

Kelso Nut Brown Lager-Brooklyn$7            (Can)

Rolling Rock Lager-Pennsylvania-$6 (Can)

 Greenport Leaf Pile Ale Pumpkin & Spices-Long Island NY-$7 (Can)

Narragansett Lager-Rhode Island-$9 (Can 16Oz)

Black Duck Porter-Greenport Harbor-$7 (Bottle)

Stella Artois Pilsner-Belgium-$7 (Bottle)

Session Lager-Oregon-$7 (Bottle)

Lagunitas Little Sumpin` Ale-California-$7 (Bottle)

Aval Cider-France-$7 (Bottle)

                                                          SHOT & CHASERS

BAD HOMBRE-Mezcal~Orange~Tajin~Pilsner Chaser-$10

ATTACK OF THE KRACKEN-Kracken Rum~Pineapple Beer-$10

JELLO SHOTS-Three Classic Cocktails-$7each